3D Type Lab- Week Two

So yesterday I was working in the workshop at my University which is not normal for me as I like computers and designing with them, paper and pens. Maybe the odd pencil. 

The reason? 3D Type Lab. And I'm really enjoying it! 

3D Type Lab (how many times can I say it in one post?) is a 6 week project to encourage us soft delicate handed designers to use stuff and get messy and basically experiment with a medium we may not (at least I'm not) used to. And to do it with typography. Hence the type lab bit. 

So I messed around with materials (mostly P.V.C) and made different versions of the letter 'G'. It was abstract and I followed a theme with the P.V.C (trying to accentuate the flow of the tail) and my work with the wood was the complete opposite of the curvilinear stuff I'd been doing but I had a lot of fun.

Got a lot of homework though, that wasn't so fun.