New Website, New Blog, New Things

So I finally started up my own website. That's quite exciting, isn't it?  I think it is. 

And I have a blog feature too! As I don't have everything (and by everything I'm pretty sure I mean anything) ready for publishing online this blog will be what I'll be doing the most for at least a little while ahaha.

So "" ... I think it has a ring to it. It's not dull like 'Matt Burgess' which, whilst dull, was what I was almost tempted to go for. It sounds professional and all that but it is just... dull. Bland. Like unflavoured popcorn. 

Paid for the domain anyways so no takesybackseys.


I now live in the Hendon area of North London as I'm about to start my Graphic Design course at Middlesex University which is definitely exciting (while the website is a maybe). We've done a course trip already which was good fun and I'll put up a separate blog post about it as this one is dragging on a bit already, especially for just a 'New Blog Post' post.