Three Colour Lino Print (and Update)

Long time no blog post!

Yeah, I've been pretty crap with this whole blog thing. I want to say I'll post at least once a week (should do it more than that) but as its nearing New Years I'll leave the big 'I Shall Do This and This' til then. 

Well what have I done recently? A lot actually! We (as a course) handed in our first few projects and have been assigned our next ones so its been a bit busy... but now its getting to that Festive Time of the year its beginning to wind down (a smidge).

What I'm showing you guys today is some work from the Thursday project I'm on which is to do with Print- as in physical printing, such as Lino, Silk Screen, etching etc.

The examples below are three colour lino prints from photographs- hope you like them!