New Year, New Aims

So my last blog post here was on Dec 10.

Ouch. I haven't been very good with this, have I?

Well lucky for me the new University year starts in a few weeks so instead of doing New Year Resolutions in January like everyone else I'm going to do it in September/October. #edgy

This next year is going to be really busy. I've got my course, (hopefully) a part time job at a design consultancy, freelance work, a student magazine to run, social life and now this blog... It's gonna be great! 

So my aims are to try and blog twice a week. Talk about design, review my own thoughts about situations/books/design/art/theatre etc. May do a tutorial once or twice. Show off a piece of work I've done in particular. Plug something. 

So to my one follower so far (Hi Mum!) I vow to do more blogging. And if I've succeeded and got a few more people reading this in a while and you've scrolled back this far, hi!

Right, let's get cracking.