Pushing The Envelope

This project was an interesting one- we started off by heading to Brighton with a load of envelopes in hand and were tasked with drawing things we saw. Then we posted two of our drawn envelopes to two other classmates and would retrieve them after their postal adventure. Once returned we got to work making compositions which had to involve the city of Brighton in some way shape or form- that was the one condition of what we were doing. We had to undertake this task primarily through photocopying, tearing, cutting, layering and sticking by hand (though digital alterations were allowed later on).

My interpretation for this project took on a punkish (and perhaps Brighton edgeyness) theme after accidentally cutting into a photocopy of the stamp. I took this idea and applied the stamp (defaced) in different ways on each postcard, adding more colourful compositions and playing with the idea of speech bubbles over a few of them. Including the stamp also tied back to the postcards origins as envelopes. 

The Postcards:
The Poster: 


The Brief

You are tasked with designing a set of postcards and a poster (with added branding to follow) based upon your received postal material plus the compositional amalgamation of several design elements derived and developed from your research gathering and drawing on envelopes. The novel characteristics of the envelope as both format and image should inform all your creative explorations.