Time Machines was my Final Major Project on my Art and Design Foundation at City of Bath College. The project started as 'Time' and from a simple want to explore and understand better the human experience of time; to know the science of this phenomenon as well as the human perspective.


The inside of the booklet. (click to enlarge)

After two to three months of personal exploration the project culminated into Time Machines, a fictional exhibition at the London Science Museum.  A large part of the exhibition is the use of quotes- I stumbled upon an Einstein quote that said simply:

"The only reason for time is so everything doesn't happen at once."

If a man who's name is synonymous with genius took a philosophical perspective when looking at time, why couldn't I? 

This led to me wanting the visitors to question their experience with time while presented with the hard science that shows our place within this fourth dimension. The exhibition's focus on the human experience links intrinsically to the title. Time Machines refers to us and to human beings; we travel in time constantly and are always moving forwards.

We are Time Machines.