What's The Point?

This is the second Monday project we were given- a brief to produce a series of postcards and a poster explaining a typographic concept to an audience unaware of the deeper details within Graphic Design.  

I chose to try a more humour based response, in particular about texting and how the meaning of punctuation has changed in this  digital medium. The final responses were physical postcards and an A2 poster but I have uploaded a GIF to show the postcards and a mockup of the poster.  


The Brief

Every profession has its own jargon. You have now found and researched 50 words and terms that are common in typography and graphic design, some are rather specialised others in frequent use, you should become familiar with all of them (there are plenty more, as you will have discovered from your research).

You are asked to design one poster explaining these terms as a celebration of typography. You may choose one term and explore its visual potential (e.g the exclamation mark) or a group of terms organised by intelligent grouping e.g names of letter parts, type designers, type classi cation etc.

Your poster will show a powerful typographic celebration of one of these word / terms. You are then asked to produce a set of 8 postcards that will go into details and explain 8 terms.