This project was my first since starting University- we sat down and were told to work only with typography, to follow a set of criteria, no colour and to work with a phrase we'd be given shortly.

Obviously, no colour, no imagery and only type freaked us all out but as the work came along I really enjoyed working solely with type. I mean, unless it was appropriate and/or specified I would likely include imagery in most project and not just use typography but this project was important at getting us to realise how diverse type can be if you think about it. 


The Brief

You will be given a phrase and are asked to investigate different ways of creating emphasis using subtle and expressive typographic detailing.

You will then create a book of these investigations. The pages (or spreads) must be 210mm X 210mm (square). You should include a front and back cover and 10 designs based on the criteria below. Include captions of all software & fonts used; typographic detailing etc, showing all aspects of font metrics: tracking, leading/line feed etc. Think about how you display the captions; on the same page as your design, on an adjacent page, on the back; all together at the front or end?

You will be marked on the presentation of the piece so make sure that you spend time trimming and folding your work. You will be shown how to bind your book.

– In all solutions the typography is of prime importance
– In all solutions consider the overall design and layout. Position individually and as a sequence – You can use one of the following fonts that are available on the computers at Hendon:

  • Avenir
  • Baskerville
  • Garamond
  • Gill Sans
  • Helvetica Neue