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This project was developed for the 2019 Global Game Jam, where I was one of a four person team with a 48hr deadline.

The theme was 'what does home mean to you?'. Our submission explores this idea with a story focused experience designed to reflect the structure of a children's picture book while still engaging the player; a merging of a visual novel with a walking simulator.

Fire Keeper is about a young tribal man named 'Wolf' who is returning home and looking for his family.

My role in the team was the 2D Design i.e. the cave paintings, the font, and other UI elements (that unfortunately did not make it into the final game due to time constraints). I also made the level in the Unity game engine, and created the narrative and the captions of the game.

The game is available to download at itch.io, here

Tools used: Huion Kamvas Pro 12, Adobe Photoshop.

A UFO descends on the London depicted in my title screen, abducting civillians.

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