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"Instantloveland takes its name from a painting made by Jules Olitski at the very point in the late 20th century at which the Modernist hegemony in advanced art began to unravel; and it offers a platform for all forms of discourse that seek to better understand what has happened to abstract art between then and now."

Instantloveland was my first big freelance project, and it involved me learning a lot whilst on the job. I knew HTML & CSS, but to do this project requried me to learn some basic PHP and Wordpress functionality to get the site up and running. I'm very pleased with the result, though I know from the owners that they want me to tweak some elements of the site now it's been up and running for a month- so check it out and see what changes.

The best way to see what I've done is to go visit the site, so to get there go to instantloveland.com

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This website was created by me (Matt Burgess) using the Skeleton framework and a whole lotta custom SCSS/CSS.