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This project was made as the final part of the VR module for my MA at Goldsmiths (in Computer Games: Art and Design).

Toybox Tower Defense is a tower defense game, where the aim is to protect the toy box from invading ghosts! It is made for the Google Daydream platform, and therefore requires the Daydream View headset and controller (available at some fair prices on Amazon and other retailers).

I learnt a lot while working on this project, making use of object pooling for efficiency (especially important in VR) and generally a lot of things regarding Unity really clicked.

I'm hoping to return to this project to tighten it up, and take it from the decent prototype stage it is at the moment to a polished product (that could even be released on the Daydream store!).

Tools used: Unity, Autodesk Maya.

Gameplay Video

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